The Men Show Courage Camp 2024

men show courage camp

Following the event, MOT South Africa will conduct the Men Show Courage Camp. This camp will provide an extensive programme designed to equip the young men who attended the previous sessions with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to take a stand against GBV. By imparting the values of courage, responsibility, and respect, the camp intends to mould participants into advocates for change within their communities.

The two-part initiative not only addresses the issue of GBV but also strives to foster a sense of responsibility among young men, encouraging them to be active citizens who contribute positively to society.

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For those interested in participating in or supporting this crucial initiative, MOT South Africa encourages you to reach out for more information. You can contact the following individuals:

This initiative by MOT South Africa is a commendable step towards creating a safer and more just society. Empowering young men to take a stand against GBV and guiding them toward responsible and choice-filled lives is a significant stride towards a brighter future for all. By joining hands and spreading awareness about the importance of combating GBV, we can collectively work towards a more equitable and violence-free world.

Read about this year’s Men Show Courage event here:

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