College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus students completed the MOT programme in November 2014

College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus made history when they held their 1st MOT Certificate Ceremony on Friday, 28 November 2014. It was very rewarding to see the excitement on the students faces. 33 Students received their MOT certificates, which was presented by Nizaam Pasha (MOT Coordinator of College of Cape Town), Wanda Moller (CEO, MOT SA), Xenia Brown (MOT Campus Coordinator) and Roegshana Naidoo (MOT Presenter).

Some of the feedback from the students included:

  • “MOT is a very good programme. It motivates me a lot to become a better person. It also helps me to achieve my goals.”
  • “The MOT programme has brought the students closer in our classroom and made us understand one another and help one another. The MOT presenter is a really good person and has a real passion for helping students in need and will go an extra mile to help you.”
  • “The MOT programme has helped me to gain confidence and accept myself the way I am. The MOT presenter has helped most of us to become who we want to be by encouraging us and giving us advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

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