MOT Philosophy


To ensure that the youth of South Africa have the courage, resilience and life skills to make conscious choices for them to develop to their full potential and become positive role models in their communities.


A warmer and safer environment for the youth.


Empowering the youth to make conscious choices that result in them better mastering life.

Strengthening the youth’s courage to take care of themselves and each other.

Working at altering the youth’s attitudes, focusing on establishing sound values, choices, and a belief in their own abilities.

Core assumptions

Courage is the most important human quality.

Human beings are fragile and vulnerable – and are the products of their upbringing and surroundings.

Human beings are robust and resilient – and can decide their own future independent of their past.

Core values

Courage to live.
Courage to care.
Courage to say no.


Show courage – make the right choices

Organisational culture

1. Passionate
2. Generous
3. Interested
4. Determined
5. Sincere
6. Innovative
7. Youthful


MOT in secondary schools
MOT in colleges
MOT in leisure-time activities and sports clubs

Target Groups

Primary: Youth between 12 and 25
Secondary: Parents and teachers

Programme’s objectives

To bring about behavioural change
To develop the youth into individuals who make their own choices and are sufficiently confident to stick to them.
To create environments where individual choices and the differences between people are accepted.
To create environments where people show each other that they are valuable.

The results of MOT’s work

Increased life quality and well-being.
Prevention of bullying, violence and drug abuse.

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