Evaluations show that MOT prevents and protects against the most negative outcomes of the youth time. There is less bullying, fewer youth without one single friend, less mental problems and alcohol and drug abuse in MOT schools.

MOT reduces frequent bullying


MOT prevents exclusion. Research shows that frequent bullying happens only half as often in MOT schools as in other schools.

MOT increases quality of life


Research shows that youth’s self esteem and mental health is strengthened in MOT school, while it is reduced in other schools. The illustration reflects youth’s answer to the statement: “All in all I feel that I am a good person.”

MOT strengthens awareness and courage

MOT prevents alcohol and drug abuse. The FET Institute at the University of Cape Town has evaluated “The MOT life skills programme” for MOT SA over a period of 6 years. The results show that the drug abuse among the youth is reduced by nearly 50%.

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