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Some exciting things are happening here at MOT SA!

In the month of November, we will be hearing from our Young MOTivators as well as MOT Alumni regarding their exciting stories and where MOT has brought them thus far. They will also be sharing how they are changing their community using the core MOT Values; COURAGE TO CARE, COURAGE TO LIVE AND COURAGE TO SAY NO

Our first contact that we have made was with Young MOTivator Kell-C Appollis who resides in Surrey Estate and is a Business Management student at MOT SA’s partner TVET College; False Bay College, Mitchells Plain Campus.

After Kell-C successfully completed MOT, her life changed, and it became a rollercoaster as she had to adapt to be a more positive person. She firmly believes that by her being more positive each and every day she can bring change towards the community.

We asked Kell-C how MOT forms part of her daily life and how she uses it to empower her community with the knowledge and values in our organisation. She mentioned that crime and gangsterism is not a major issue in her area, however, there is one thing that concerns her which is; that her community members lack the compassion for other religious beliefs and backgrounds. She goes on to say that she hasn’t had an intimate interaction with neighbours due to many having different religious beliefs causing a barrier between people in the neighbourhood.

Her end goal is to educate as many of her neighbours within the community that it is okay to interact with people from a different faith, as it does not define the way life should be lived, and that it is okay to be friends with someone who finds and believes things differently than you do, embracing core MOT values; COURAGE TO LIVE AND COURAGE TO CARE, and the MOT philosophy of seeing the whole person, having a background understanding and building an inclusive culture.

When asked what MOT meant to her she replied; “MOT as a whole is merely about communication and what stood out for me was the way in which we had to communicate with each other throughout our sessions we had.”

It made her realise that without communication one cannot succeed

Communication is a key factor that needs to be displayed by each and everybody.

Great and clear communication can make a BIG difference!

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