False Bay College, Mitchell’s Plain Campus MOT Work Readiness Workshop

On Thursday, 24 July 2014, 30 students at False Bay College, Mitchell’s Plain Campus attended a 1-day MOT Work Readiness Workshop.

Some of the feedback from the students included:

  • “The MOT Work Readiness Workshop has really opened opportunities for me and guided me to what I need to be in the working industry. I think the workshop was a success and I hope I can be more apart of MOT SA because all the people who spoke to us were an inspiration and I too want to influence people’s lives the way the MOT team does.” Shu-Aub Abdullah
  • “The MOT Work Readiness Workshop was a great experience and had a positive influence on my life and my career that I would like to pursue. Thanks MOT, it was magnificent and a wonderful experience.” – Keenan Menyacho
  • “What I have learnt from the MOT life skills course is that the positive choices you make in life will be a stepping stone towards reaching your goal. Whether it is primary or secondary goal. You need to walk through life with the Bull’s eye in sight so you are clear and focused with the confidence to become the best you can be.” – Faheem Freeman

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