Congratulations to Fairmount Secondary School

On Wednesday, 26 November 2014, Grade 10 learners from Fairmount Secondary School in Grassy Park, made history for being the FIRST MOT school in South Africa to complete the 3–year MOT Programme. 105 Learners received their MOT certificates. We would like to congratulate and give special thanks to Mr Klaasen (School Principal) and the MOT Presenters, Fatima Molte (MOT School Coordinator), Ellison Amos and Regis Magama for their relentless dedication and enthusiasm they’ve put in as volunteers, coordinating the MOT programme. MOT SA is really humble to have partnered with Fairmount Secondary School.

Some of the feedback from the learners included:

  • “MOT offers us “learning” while having fun.”
  • “We are taught to say “NO” to wrong stuff.”
  • “You must be responsible and enjoy life at the same time.”
  • “We are taught to separate good from bad, that substance abuse is bad for you and that you don’t need to be “in” with the wrong crowd and that we must enjoy life while we are young, but we must also be aware of the dangers of life.”
  • “I would like to take my time to take my hat off to my MOT presenter, because he had made me overcome a lot of my fear. Most of all, he taught me to have the courage to care and love for other people. Most importantly he helped me decide to make positive choices for myself in the future. Thank you very much.”
  • “The programme was very helpful. I now understand more about life. It teaches me more about caring, to say no and being grateful to people. I would like to have more of the programme, because I would love to learn more about MOT.”
  • “The MOT programme helped me to say no to drugs and alcohol. The presenter was good at what he did and he made me realise that I’m a better person. The programme was exciting.”

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