International Conference on Courage, Learning & Training

MOT South Africa was invited to deliver presentations at an international conference on courage, learning and training in Haugesund, Norway from 14 to 18 November 2016. Representatives from learning institutions in Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal and Lithuania attended this week-long conference with the focus on finding successful models and strategies to strengthen the courage and success of young people in their respective countries.

MOT South Africa CEO, Wanda Möller, and Young MOTivator, Shaun Titus, attended the conference to present the model of the MOT programmes’ implementation in South Africa, and the research results on the impact of MOT amongst South African youth. Shaun Titus, an alumnus from False Bay College and trained Young MOTivator, spoke about the effect MOT had on his fellow students, the class environment, how MOT has changed his life and continues to affect his decision-making. He even inspired the delegates with a rap he wrote about his life and the impact of MOT. Watch the video here:

For Shaun, the conference stirred his confidence in the future of our youth: “This experience was an eye opener for me. No matter if you’re in a developed or developing country, social issues remain the same amongst the youth. Coming together will help us to identify these problems and working together will help to solve those problems. It is important to break through barriers in order to succeed in life,” said Shaun.

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