Blum Khan

Board member

Blum Khan joined the MOT SA board in June 2018 and is a successful executive in the financial services sector.

He started from humble beginnings in a working class family on the Cape flats. His father was a boilermaker and mother stayed home to care for the needs of the family. The family was involved in the community and extended their support to those around them. Blum attended the local Athlone pre-school, attended Thornton Road Primary School on the Cape Flats and continued his secondary education at Belgravia High School where he matriculated in 1976.

During his childhood years Blum was involved in a number of activities which contributed to shaping him. He was a keen swimmer, active member of the 1st Athlone and 4th Athlone Boy Scouts and became involved in motorcycling. Blum was also keen to develop and achieve financial independence at early stage. During his school vacations he worked for Kingsway Engineering in Salt River, the Reeds Motor Group in Salt River, Irvin and Johnson in Table Bay Harbour. Over weekends he worked at the local supermarket. The money earned from this was used to fund his education, travel and subsistence needs. After matriculating, Blum went on to join a small chartered accounting firm H Tarley and Company in Cape Town.

Blum also enrolled at the University of Cape Town for the Chartered Accountants qualifying course and subsequently qualified as a South African Chartered Accountant in 1980, a year earlier than the prescribed time. After completing his articles he resigned from H Tarley and Co.

His career into the wider world commenced from this point and started with a stint in Namibia with Shell Oil, thereafter relocating to Australia where he worked in the Oil and Gas industry, then large scale property development and the financial services sector before returning to South Africa after 12 years. Back in SA, he lead MHG - a large health administration and managed care company as the CEO. MHG looks after the health insurance needs of some 3.1 million South Africans.

In the recent years he spent many years as an executive looking after business interests for a large SA financial services company in several African countries.