False Bay College, Mitchell’s Plain Campus completed the MOT programme in June 2014

All together 4 MOT Certificate Ceremonies were held in 2014, including False Bay College, Mitchell’s Plain, Westlake and Fish Hoek Campuses and College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus.

On Friday, 27 June 2014, Mitchell’s Plain Campus held their 2nd MOT Certificate Ceremony. 177 MOT Alumni received certificates for the completion of the MOT programme which was presented by Melanie Vermaak (False Bay College – MOT Coordinator) and Mrs Souchan Gasant-Jackson (Campus Manager).

Some of the feedback from the students included:

  • “MOT is really a very good programme, especially for new students and shy people.”
  • “MOT programme is helpful I think we need more MOT programmes in future. It helped me think more about the choices I make.”
  • “It was good, informative and our class is better. I thank all the people who made it possible.”
  • “I like the MOT programme because it has changed my way of thinking and I know it will help other youngsters as well. I think this programme must get more active in all areas of the community.”
  • “Hi MOT, I just want to say that I appreciate the MOT programme and that no matter what, it must continue because it encourages other students to know their dignity. I would like to say to the presenters of MOT, keep up the good work so that others could also get good help.”

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