Feedback from the MOT Presenters Training workshop: 17 – 19 February 2011

Day 1

Class session demonstration: “Build a platform” (Bård)

  • Felt like a part of the group
  • Great energy
  • Humble approach
  • Very effective
  • Full of expectations – left very fulfilled
  • Good introduction to the programme
  • Brilliant and very informative
  • Very innovative – exciting
  • Made all of us feel at ease right from the start
  • Inspired to copy the session – gave the same session at a night school later that day, because of his demos I have so much ideas
  • Inspirational
  • I felt so empowered – invigorating

Day 2

This is MOT”, – History, guiding star, areas of focus (Sigrun)

  • Informative
  • Inspirational
  • Very passionately done
  • Was able to understand the philosophy behind the programme
  • Well and clearly presented
  • Enlightening
  • Easy to follow and adjust to
  • Sigrun made you think about your life, it gave me a sense about wanting to live, the courage to live, before I came here I had no hope
  • Interesting, it is important that we have all the details so that we are competent when presenting
  • Fantastic!
  • Made me think. Do some reflection on my own life, who am I really and the people I want to be guided by

MOT South Africa DVD and information about MOT South Africa (Wanda)

  • I enjoyed this, nice to know there are other South Africans involved in this
  • Setting the scene for the future
  • Very clinical, but also very passionate
  • Breath of fresh air, and held my attention
  • Brought the programme closer to home, saw it in practice
  • Informative, excellent group of people
  • Exciting of MOT South Africa in such a short time has done so much
  • Solid presentation and background
  • Great to see how MOT has already spread
  • Well presented
  • It made me realise that there is a reason why I am here with the programme
  • Insight and details so that I am fully aware of the reality and facts

Class session demonstration: “Various exercises” (Bård)

  • Enjoyed interacting, nervous but became stronger as I got more empowered
  • Very refreshing, well thought through
  • GREAT! Easy and feasible!
  • Practical
  • Valuable to demonstrate the activities and put it into context
  • Fresh ideas to use in class, he inspired me again
  • Love the interaction
  • Great way to get involved
  • Brilliant!
  • I like the concept of KISS (Keep it sweet and simple). Most effective!
  • An indescribable, exhilarating and energising experience! What an excellent way of getting a point across
  • Fun
  • Wonderful with a moral to each exercise

Implementation of the MOT programme (Wanda)

  • Good to see how and when I have to implement it
  • Informative
  • Really selling the brand in a positive way
  • Very inspiring and sincere, showed love for MOT
  • Clear explanation of what is expected
  • Timelines is a good idea
  • Solid
  • Great influence
  • Gave the impression that MOT South Africa is going the distance
  • Clearly showing the way
  • Makes me feel excited, I wan to implement it in my own life

The products of MOT and the theories behind the programme (Sigrun & Trish)

  • Informative
  • Foundation and substance to all of this
  • It convinced me
  • Building a proper culture is important
  • I am proud to be associated with the brand. The theories give a basis and understanding of why we do what we do.
  • Thank you for keeping it short. Informative and helpful to see the practice with theory.
  • Excellent and to the point
  • Sound and logical. What we always been doing
  • Informative, and I can not wait to study my manual
  • Important that we got informed
  • Fantastic, effective and applicable

Presentation techniques (Sigrun)

  • Fun! Enjoyed the storytelling and learned so much on good presentation techniques
  • I could see myself improve certain aspects of me as a presenter
  • Very good. Love the accent, and will remember this
  • Simply awesome.
  • I have learnt that you do not need to be overly dramatic to bring your message across. With Sigrun’s calm and collective tone I took great pleasure.
  • Good to remind teachers and presenters about the common “errors” we make and to be mindful of them when we present
  • Strong
  • Lively presentation and pleasant voice!
  • Sigrun smile and speak and present herself in a very good way. She show you courage to live!
  • I appreciated the sincerity, the eye-contact, at times I felt like I was the only one present. What an amazing skill!
  • Very empowering. Tools I can use for the rest of my life.

The MOT postulates (Sigrun & Wanda)

  • Uplifting, I will strive to instill it and live by it
  • Well done
  • Excellent
  • Informative
  • Sensible
  • Speaks to the youth
  • Well thought through
  • Instill a new sense of human obligation within me
  • Something to treasure, remember and live out
  • Inspirational in the sense that I have a new standard set before me. I can grow into a new level as a person
  • The demonstration of the postulates was very informative, enjoyed the acting and thinking creative part.

Day 3

MOT’s Tool Box (Bård)

  • Hands on, therapeutic
  • Innovative
  • Very good
  • Useful, I will use it all the time
  • Excellent! Bård is fantastic, I enjoyed his methods.
  • So much to work with
  • Can not wait to demonstrate it
  • In a nutshell and very informative
  • It made me connect with real life situations with the tool box

Building the MOT Brand (Sigrun & Wanda)

  • I want to be an ambassador and build the brand with pride
  • Could feel from the way it got presented how IMPORTANT it is. I will always remember
  • Very good
  • Gave me inspiration to be a great ambassador
  • I am a believer in the brand
  • Loved it, I was able to relate to it
  • I am so scared to mess it up. Will do my best to uphold the MOT brand
  • Very encouraging. We have to establish the brand here
  • I love the meaning and the look of the MOT logo

Has this training given you the necessary information/tools to start off as a MOT Presenter?

  • Yes, feeling more motivated now
  • Certainly!
  • Absolutely
  • Yes, I am ready to start
  • More than adequate
  • Yes, yes, yes
  • I feel I can do it!
  • Yes, and I loved the interactions from the students, I learned a lot from their experiences.
  • It was perfect!
  • It helped me so much!

Other comments

  • I enjoyed all the exercises, interacting, the presenters were exciting, welcoming, made me feel as if I was in Norway
  • Great team, great time and great group! Thank you!
  • Love the programme and everything
  • This was the best “workshop” I have ever been on. I feel excited to start the programme in school
  • Thank you for a vibrant presentation and thanks for the invitation to be a part of the team
  • I would like to introduce the district office and schools to the programme
  • Please, do a follow up
  • I enjoyed the training so much and will be sincere, loyal and appreciative.

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