Feedback on the MOT programme

* Some feedback received from new MOT Presenters trained in February 2011:

      • This was an incredibly inspiring three days.  I am so excited at the prospects of rolling this out to the youth that we are so eager to develop.
      • Can’t wait to start making a difference.
      • This training has empowered me and installed in me the necessary tools to start with MOT.  MOT IS EXTREMELY, TOTALLY AWESOME!!
      • I am thankful for the enjoyable and enriching experience and the fact that 50 other presenters will help impact our youth as we build our new nation.
      • MOT is a way of life.  Thank you for your Courage, Caring, Joy, and Sincerity.
      • The warm personalities and caring features made a huge impact on an individual like me.
      • MOT actually ties with my personal vision for the youth of South Africa.
      • Thank you for an excellent training initiative.

* Some feedback received from the 65 MOT presenters who completed the 3-day training course in January 2009:

      • “This programme definitely adds value to one’s life”.
      • “MOT will revolutionise the world”.
      • “Great experience and great tools”.
      • “The most enjoyable and informative training I have ever had”.

*  A 14-year-old Norwegian schoolgirl (taken from a test completed at          school):

“MOT means something very special to me. I have sometimes felt very insecure. I have also felt terrible at times. MOT has made me feel safe and confident, and is surely something that will change my life. MOT can help me become a better person, be a better listener and to take better care of other people, not only the ones I love but everyone. Everyone deserves to be cared about. Everyone in the world is important; everyone means something special. Everyone just doesn’t know it.”

*  Statement from the Sheriff of Tingvoll Municipality, Norway:

“After using MOT as a tool in our municipality for several years, the results show that we have a distinct reduction in juvenile crime.  It has also given us a very good environment for our kids to grow up in. MOT gave us what we were missing!”

*  Denzel and Ronaldo, students at Northlink College, Cape Town:

  1. It helps us to understand ourselves and the world we live in better.
  2. It also helps us to develop into more responsible people who must have the courage to say “NO”.
  3. We feel free to talk.

*  Feedback from a MOT presenter in SA:

“In my 28 years of teaching, this was the most inspiring presentation I ever experienced.  This is an inspiration/ dream that came true to equip me better to help make a difference in shaping our future – the youth.  Thank you for touching my life!”

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