Inspirational & Empowering MOT Training of New MOT presenters – February 2014

On Saturday, 22 February 2014, an additional 32 new MOT presenters completed the 3-day training workshop at Encore Conference Centre, Northlink College, Tygerberg Campus. They will be implementing the MOT programmes from March 2014 at TVET Colleges and High Schools in the Western Cape. Some feedback on the training workshop:

  • “Brilliant initiative & principals to expand and help scalp the identity of our youth.”
  • “Keep it up and expand it to all the provinces.”
  • “Thought that it was going to be ordinary but found it to be very extraordinary.”
  • “More teachers should be incorporated and this can bring positive changes to quite a number of learners.”
  • “Brilliant team who are inspirational and amazing in their job. WOW!!!!!!”
  • “Just so thankful for the opportunity. READY to be a HIGH IMPACT MOT PRESENTER!!!!!”
  • ‘Ready to go back to Lavender Hill and make a difference in the youths’ life.’


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