MOT Ambassador, JP Duminy Bats to MOTivate Youth during South Africa/India ODI Series

Protea cricket star, JP Duminy, who grew up as a youth playing cricket on the streets of Mitchell’s Plain and Strandfontein, aims to raise awareness for a local youth-focused Non-Profit Organisation, MOT South Africa.

MOT Ambassador and local cricket hero, JP Duminy believes in the core values and principals of MOT and echoes it in his daily life and career, “MOT means courage. Every time I step onto the crease in front of thousands of people, it takes courage. Courage is what all youth need to be able to deal with all the curveballs life throws at them. It doesn’t matter in which area you grew up in, that does not define you. I am a proud MOT Ambassador and hope to be a role model to all the youth to keep striving to achieve their goals and dreams.”

Duminy continues, “Placing the MOT logo on my bat during the South Africa India ODI Series is my way of bringing about awareness to the organisation and their commitment to strengthen and empower young leaders in South Africa.”

MOT CEO, Wanda Möller says that in 2018, MOT celebrates 10 years in South Africa, “MOT SA commemorates a decade of working with educators and empowering youth to bring about positive and lasting change in their college and school culture and in society,” said MOT CEO, Wanda Möller.

“With its network of partnerships and with the support of all MOT Ambassadors, MOT SA has reached and impacted more than 10 000 youth in 2017 and will continue to provide the life-changing life-skills programme to more youth in 2018. We thank JP for his commitment to the youth and to MOT’s vision and mission. MOT SA would like to wish JP and the Proteas squad all the best for the rest of the ODI Series,” said Ms Möller.

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