High School MOT Coaches Ready to MOTivate the Youth

On Friday, 26 January 2018, MOT South Africa hosted another inspiring MOT Refresher Training Workshop, at Encore Conference Centre in Panorama, for trained MOT coaches from 9 high schools in the Western Cape and Pebbles Project.

The aim of the workshop was to motivate, refresh and re-energise our MOT coaches for 2018. The MOT coaches shared their feedback on the MOT programme’s implementation, workable solutions to the implementation challenges that they face as high school teachers and the importance of receiving support and encouragement from the principals.

All the best to our MOT coaches on your journey to empower our youth with resilience, awareness and courage.

Contact the MOT office on 021 696 6610 or email if you’re interested in assisting with the MOT life-skills programme implementation at current MOT schools or colleges.

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