Together is Better

THANK YOU to all the MOT coordinators who attended the MOT meetings during April 2018. The MOT SA Team appreciates your time, effort and dedication to the success and continuation of the MOT programmes.

In attendance were coordinators from:

False Bay College
Northlink College
Buren High School
Pebbles Project
Oval North High School
Fairmount Secondary School
Silikamva High School

We are inspired and encouraged by your best practices, success stories and positive focus among all the challenges faced. Thank you for creating a MOT culture at your colleges and schools. Thank you for flying the MOT flag high!

The MOT SA team is on standby and ready to help, support and reactivate MOT at your college, school or organisation. Contact Andiswa Makha on and let’s work together to create a better future for our youth.

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