MOT Global Gathering

From 12 – 18 March, the MOT Foundation hosted a MOT Global Gathering where leaders and management from all 5 MOT countries participated in MOT leadership training.

It was a magical week for MOT Norway, South Africa, Denmark, Latvia and Thailand as the MOT leaders worked through all 12 sessions of both the Robust Youth 12 – 16 and Robust Youth 16 – 25 programmes.

Each MOT leader focused on developing their leadership skills, inner strength and awareness as well as a true appreciation for the MOT programmes’ content and the facilitators who delivered it. The MOT country leaders are driven, passionate and equipped to take MOT to the next level in their respective countries and represent MOT to the best of their ability.

Thank you to the MOT Foundation for hosting this incredible week and we look forward to seeing MOT go global!

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