MOT Global’s Courage to Lead Gathering inspires leadership and inner-strength

From 2 September to 8 September 2017, 15 young MOT leaders from five MOT countries; South Africa, Norway, Denmark, Thailand and Latvia gathered for the very first “Courage to Lead Gathering” at the MOT camp in Trondheim, Norway.

The gathering aimed to inspire, motivate and strengthen the youth to be thought-leaders and uplift young people in their countries. The camp’s programme gave hope to the youth and empowered each one with knowledge, skills and tools to be able to make good life choices, take responsibility for their own lives and future, and care for themselves and others.

MOT South Africa’s representatives were; MOT SA Advocacy and Social Media Manager, Julia Duminy, MOT SA Office Intern, Jacqueline Carolus and Young MOTivator from False Bay College, Fish Hoek Campus, Gary Newton Speelman.

“From the moment we stepped onto the beautiful MOT camp grounds, we immediately felt at home. We felt safe and in an environment where we could truly be ourselves,” said Julia Duminy,

“We were pushed outside of our comfort zones, by simply getting to know different youth from different countries and learn more about their cultures, hopes and dreams. It was a magical and extraordinary experience that reignited my passion for helping others and empowering the youth in South Africa with awareness and courage. I really got to know myself, my goals and how I can go about achieving my dreams.”

The MOT camp programme consisted of team building exercises, leadership skills, maintaining focus, understanding goals and dreams, presentation techniques, relationship-building, self-awareness and strengthening courage.

“It was an amazing opportunity and a great honour to have visited such a wonderful country and being among such awesome people with their diverse cultures. Even though we’ve done so much and learnt a lot, I didn’t feel like it was too much and I still felt refreshed. It was an experience that will not be forgotten!” said Jacqueline Carolus.

“I had an amazing time getting to know everyone and I would just like to thank MOT South Africa and MOT Global for the incredible experience. I plan to use all the tools and knowledge I have gained at the MOT camp in my MOT sessions with the youth at my College and all my ventures going forward,” said Gary Newton Speelman.

The MOT camp gathering ended with a tour of the city of Trondheim and its rustic and historical buildings and landmarks. Thereafter, we prepared for MOT Norway’s Enthusiasts gathering with 650 guests, which was a huge celebration for MOT reaching its 20-year anniversary.

“This was a celebration like no other! It was truly special and such an honour for MOT SA to be a part of MOT Norway’s Enthusiasts gathering, where we had the opportunity to rub shoulders with MOT’s founders and MOT Norway’s staff and coaches. It was an all-round incredible and beautiful experience getting to know the history of MOT and see just how much support MOT receives in Norway,” said Julia.

The youth have the power to affect the world and bring about positive and lasting change. We look forward to seeing the MOT youth leaders do great things in their countries!
Watch the video clip which gives a great account of all the activities and the amazing atmosphere of learning and fun!

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