MOT Inspiration and Refresher Training Event

The guest speakers and workshop facilitators included Jacqueline Layman, Adrian Bezuidenhout, Somaya Achmat, Nizaam Pasha, Natalie Becker, Charlene Matthews, Elrika van Heerden, Beverly McArthur, Dr Joy Papier, Wanda Möller, Atle Vårvik, Sigrun Vårvik and in front, Ivan Swart.


On Thursday, 07 March 2013, 105 delegates attended the MOT Inspirational and Refresher Event held at the Upper Eastside Hotel, Observatory.


Representatives from MOT South Africa and MOT Global Management
Atle Vårvik, Wanda Möller, MOT Brand Ambassador, Natalie Becker, Delia Timmie, Cornelius Liedemann, Sigrun Vårvik, Morten Laache and Geir Nesset.



MOT Presenter and lecturer at Stellenbosch Campus, Albert van der Merwe with students from Boland College, Stellenbosch Campus who performed the MOT song




Students from Northlink College, Tygerberg Campus performing a beautiful song and dance for the delegates.



MOT Brand Ambassador, Natalie Becker, delivered an inspiring talk at the event.


Natalie’s speech:

Reach for the Stars

Educators occupy a special place in the heart and minds of learners, families, communities and nations. By the very nature of your chosen vocation, educators are activists and spiritual warriors, shaping the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s leaders and changing the shape of our internal and external landscapes.

Today I’m reminded of an activist and educator, who changed her landscape and whose spirit and legacy, continues to inspire generations – Helen Keller.

Helen Keller, who was hearing, sight and speech impaired stated: ‘Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all! She went on to say: ‘Security is mainly a superstition – it does not exist in nature. To keep our faces towards change in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.’

Why do we reach for the stars? Science says that we are made from the same substance than that of stars and stardust… so, we are all stars and we are all meant to shine!

How do we reach for the stars and keep reaching for the stars and inspire the learners whose hearts and minds we shape, to also reach for the stars and keep reaching?

Your power of conscious choice is one of the single most important factors in creating the life and outcomes you want. And when you are not moved by circumstances, circumstances move for you.

You can do anything you wish to do, have anything you wish to have and be anything you wish to be.

How? You simply CHOOSE it. Consistently. Affirm it every day. Despite what you see, despite what you feel and despite your circumstances. That is your power of Conscious Choice. Your magic wand.

And what is it that may keep us from reaching for the stars and living inspired and inspiring lives?

Love and fear are the two most basic human responses. Love is from the soul and is the most powerful force in the universe. Fear is of the personality.

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

There are a number of different fears that human beings can experience. Dr John Demartini in his writing identifies 7 major fears. (I encourage you to read his writings and also about the work he does in education in SA and his ‘Young Adults Inspired Destiny’ workshops)

These include fear of rejection, fear of humiliation, fear of failure.

The truth is – there is no failure – there is only FEEDBACK. What we’ve perceived as failure are really opportunities presented as challenges and they pave the way to opening our understanding and navigating our lives more consciously and with more wisdom. Feedback shows us which way to proceed and prepares us, strengthens us for the road ahead.

And no one has the power to reject or truly hurt you.

If we look at some of the greatest leaders and investors in the world – we’ll see that they all made many attempts at something before hitting the winning formula- they saw each perceived ‘defeat’ or failure, as an opportunity to know more, learn more and be more prepared for the next attempt, and without backing down and quitting, they eventually succeeded and created amazing inventions that shaped history and the future and touches us still today.

The trick is not to judge our experiences, sometimes when we perceive something as failure; we can become afraid to try it or anything new again. The truth is the person who has never failed, has never tried anything new 

Be grateful for all that happens in your life, because everything serves your growth. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience on this planet. We are not bodies with souls- we are souls with bodies. And these bodies are our vehicles on this plane of human existence to go on our adventures, learn and share what we can, love and experience joy.

The only thing we take with us when we leave this plane is the wisdom we’ve gathered from our experiences. So do what your soul calls you to do, experience life- fully, love yourself- completely, you are lovable and valuable, simply because you exist. And then go on another adventure. Live with joy and gratitude simply for the fact of being alive, and the more you live in love and gratitude, the more you will attract to be grateful and joyful about.

We attract what we are and what we THINK about and THANK about we BRING about (Dr John Demartini).

Why am I telling you this?

I want you to grasp the implication of the power of your true nature and the power and blessing of our existence. When we can see life from the perspective of knowing we are immortal beings who chose to exist upon this plane in these physical bodies experiencing Life, to learn soul lessons and evolve, then we can begin to grasp how truly powerful we are. And that we are more than a match for the challenges we face.

That when you walk up to your biggest fear, it always transmutes, transforms or disappears- it only needs your courage to do that. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

And often inside our deepest challenges, lies the key to unlocking our greatest potential, growth and reward.

Everyone we encounter and interact with, whether we perceive it as a positive or negative interaction serves to teach us something about ourselves. Everyone we encounter reflect back to us a part of our personality. We attract what we are – we attract judgement and difficulties – it’s wise to look at how you are treating yourself like that in some way or where you hold those negative attitudes about yourself. That person is reflecting back at you through their behaviour (especially if it really irritates you  – a part of yourself that needs to heal or grow).

So always be grateful, say thank you and bless that person (even though your personality may feel like bashing them instead 🙂 for they serve as a mirror to what you need to look at to grow and evolve. Hence the old adage – when you point a finger at someone – four fingers always point back at you  we are all connected, all part of a whole and that whole is love.

No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, every man is your teacher.

So work on your relationship to yourself – be your own best friend and honour and cherish yourself, even and especially when you’re not feeling acknowledged or honoured by others.

When you honour and love and cherish and value yourself, then the world will have no choice but to reflect that love back at you. We attract what we are. When we work on our relationship with ourselves, then the world reflects it back at you and all else flows from there.

We are all co-creators of our magnificent universe and reality.

We are guided and assisted by a benevolent Universe which supports us in all our endeavours. We are backed by unnumbered hosts of power. There are teams of guardians and guides ready to guide, protect and assist us – all we have to do is acknowledge them and ask. We engage the most powerful forces in the universe when we ask for help.

Our promise is to ask.

Our birthright is abundance, love, blessings. If we open our eyes to this truth, and affirm it, we will begin to experience synchronicity in our lives, and observe more and more examples of the correlation and congruence between what we think and say and what manifests in your life; and everyday miracles will become common place.

You will only experience the world according to the lens through which you view it, so cleanse your lens and see everything as it is – Infinite.

Interrogate your perceptions, values, and principles and see whether they still serve you and are truly yours or inherited from the family, community, society in which you grew up.

If they no longer serve you or resonate with you, re-arrange them, discard what you wish and keep what works, and define your own hierarchy of values. Because this will define how you live and experience your one precious and wild Life.

So, reach for the stars, because that’s what we are made of – the same material, the same stuff and the same ability to shine and to shine our light into the darkest corners.

When we shine our light we give others permission to do the same. (Marianne Williamson) And this is one of the most valuable lessons you can teach your learners.

Here is a guide to what you can do to keep reaching for the stars and to keep inspiring learners to do so too:

  1. Practice Gratitude – everything that happens in your life serves your growth. What you think about and thank about, you bring about. Life itself is the prize – a precious gift. Say thank you every day. Living in Love and Gratitude brings more love and blessing into your life.
  2. Celebrate your achievements and milestones and share what you’ve learnt to inspire others and to create a path where they may follow.
  3. Don’t compare yourself. We are all unique and we all belong.
  4. Be true to yourself, live and speak your truth as authentically, fearlessly as you can and live with passion, integrity and joy.
  5. Live in the present – the past and future do not exist in this precious moment – only the NOW. So make the most of THIS moment and go forward, always. Every new moment is a new opportunity to make a different choice and to change your life.
  6. Find joy in the Everyday. Happiness is a choice. You have the power to change your environment simply by changing your attitude. When you are not moved by circumstances, circumstances move for you. Exercise your power of conscious choice – Learn that nothing has power over you, not your emotions, not your circumstances, not your history, not your experiences and certainly not negativity.
  7. There is no failure – only feedback. Use challenges as stepping stones.
  8. We attract what we are – how we treat ourselves often defines how others treat us – so make your relationship with yourself a life-long love affair. Love yourself, completely. The world will have no choice but to reflect all that love back at you.
  9. Be open to Life and remember what a great Gift it is.
  10. There is nothing to fear – the only rational fear is fear of imminent death. Confronted by a situation or challenge that makes you fearful, ask yourself – “Am I about to die”? If the answer is NO, then your fear is irrational, so just go ahead and do it!  Fear should never be a reason why you don’t do something. Acknowledge the fear, and then do it anyway. That’s how we grow courage – not in the absence of fear but by running up to the very things we fear – only to find it, disappears, transforms, transmutes – it only needs our courage to do that 
  11. Go for what you really want! This is what life is really for. And never be afraid of the time it will take to reach your goals – the time will pass anyway.
  12. You will realise there is nothing out there stopping you from reaching for the stars and going for gold – fear is false evidence appearing real, it ‘s all in your head, that’s where the big battles are won  and you are more than equal to any task.
  13. Explore, Expand, say Yes to Life and Keep your Eyes and Heart and Mind open.
  14. Above all, challenge yourself – ‘You may well be surprised at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish’ (Cecile Spring).
  15. You can DO anything you wish to do, HAVE anything you wish to have, BE anything you wish to be.

Let your prayer be this:

“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless in facing them; Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain but for my heart to conquer it” – Rabindranath Tagore

Thank you.

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