MOT International Courage2Lead Training Convention

MOT International Courage2Lead Training Convention inspires youth to change South Africa

Failure can lead to success, if you show enough courage. That was the main theme in the opening speech delivered by MOT South Africa’s chairperson, Professor Eltie Links, at the MOT Courage2Lead Training Convention, which took place at the Century City Conference Centre on the 4 and 5 March 2016.


Prof Eltie Links opens the MOT Courage2Lead Convention.

Through dialogue, prose, rapping and singing, MOT Youth from the College of Cape Town and False Bay, inspired convention delegates with their experiences of MOT and how MOT has had an impact on their lives. MOT Youth Marlyn-Lee van Diemen, Nathan Hendricks, Allan Clarke and Linamandla Deliwe, from False Bay Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College spoke about the MOT Principles, which covered themes of focusing on the positive, including others, strengthening relationships and working proactively towards a warmer and safer society.


MOT Youth, Marlyn-Lee van Diemen said, “The Courage2Lead Training Convention was an amazing experience and it definitely inspired me to make South Africa a better country. I also had the opportunity to network from MOT Youth from abroad.”



College of Cape Town student, singer and MOT Youth, Bukiwe Zinganto, said, “The Courage2Lead Convention inspired me to become a better South African citizen and it gave me the hope and courage to be a positive leader for our youth.”

Leading South African society through the eyes of the youth; becoming a game changer and leading courageously became main themes for the two-day event, where motivational guest speakers carried the theme of Courage2Lead in their presentations.

Delegates, educators and youth had the chance to meet South Africa’s top thought-leaders such as Mind Power Expert, Robin Banks, Chairperson of the South African Women Entrepreneur’s Network in the Western Cape, Ency Litsoane, Western Cape Police Ombudsman, Advocate Vusi Pikoli, and businesswomen and author Dr Mamphela Ramphele.

Robin Banks, the top international speaker and Mind Power expert, spoke about how one can apply the mind to create change in their lives. He presented a lively session about how our thoughts effect our lives. “Your thoughts become your reality,” he said. He also emphasized that one has unlimited power to think whatever you want. That you have the power to choose what to think about.


Mind Power Expert, Robin Banks.

Ency Litsoane, chairperson of the South African Women Entrepreneur’s Network Western Cape, emphasized the importance that one needs values and purpose to be authentic in one’s life. She encouraged youth to ‘Turn up the Heat’ as it is her current life motto.


Ency Litsoane

Advocate Vusi Pikoli reminded delegates why it is important to have courage as a leader; to be original when you have courage; that one’s values determines the kind of courage you embark on; and that our decisions, no matter how difficult, is based on your values.


Advocate, Vusi Pikoli

Dr Mamphela Ramphele challenged the youth to psychologically liberate themselves from racial oppression, to speak truth to power and stand up as South Africa citizens against injustice.


Dr Mamphela Ramphele

At the gala dinner, the MOT Excellence Awards ceremony celebrated MOT Partner schools, TVET Colleges and educators by awarding them for successfully implementing the MOT programmes at their respective educational institutions. The evening was introduced by a swaying performance by the jazz band from South Peninsula High School. MOT Global president, Atle Vårvik, congratulated MOT South Africa for ten years of existence in the country.


Jazz performers from the South Peninsula High School Jazz Band.




MOT Global president, Atle Vårvik.



MOT Presenters who won awards for completing the 3-year programme in 2015 with MOT Global President Atle Vårvik (left).



MOT Partner TVET College campuses who won MOT Excellence Awards for 2015 with MOT SA Chairperson, Prof Eltie Links, (left).



MOT Partner High Schools who won Excellence Awards for 2015. From left: MOT SA Programmes and Training manager, Elroy Duckitt; MOT SA CEO, Wanda Möller; MOT Coordinator at Simon’s Town High School, Tanya Chetty; MOT Coordinator at Buren High School, Carmille Skuce; and MOT SA Board chairperson, Prof Eltie Links.

Corporate partners of MOT South Africa, HCI Foundation and Pioneer Foods Education and Community Trust were awarded for their continued support of the MOT Programme, and Odd Henning Johannessen was awarded for being one of the core founding members of MOT in South Africa.


From left: Nico Moloto, Pioneer Foods Representative; Carol van der Rheede HCI Foundation representative; MOT SA Board chairperson, Prof Eltie Links; Odd Henning Johannessen; and MOT SA CEO, Wanda Möller.

Courage2Lead became a platform for the youth to grow and develop as future South African thought-leaders by exploring social behaviours and qualities of courageous leaders through a dynamic panel discussion with College of Cape Town lecturer and MOT Coach, Somayah Achmat as facilitator.


Panelists for Panel Discussion. Back Row from left: Aurelio Jao’o, MOT Youth from College of Cape Town; Bukiwe Zinganto, MOT Youth from College of Cape Town; Somayah Achmat, MOT Coach and lecturer at College of Cape Town and Linamandla Deliwe, MOT Youth from False Bay College. Front Row from left: MOT SA Board Chairperson, Prof Eltie Links, Chairperson of the South African Women Entrepreneurs Network Western Cape, Ency Litsoane; and MOT Youth Nthabiseng Naha.

The impact of the MOT programme on the youth was substantiated by research done by the University of the Western Cape’s Further Education and Training Institute and was presented by researcher, Timothy McBride.


Researcher, Timothy McBride.

Northlink College Performing Arts Department Students took delegates back in time by performing an extract from Sarafina! This performance encapsulated the struggle of youth in South Africa in 1976 and spoke to present youth to continuing fighting against injustice and socio-economic challenges in South Africa.


Student performers from Northlink College Performing Arts Department who presented a music and dance routine from SARAFINA!


Riyaad Najaar’s presentation on “Leading MOT at High School.” Click here.

Odd Henning Johannessen’s presentation on “How effective leadership can use MOT to develop good learning environments, empower and give young learners courage and social skills for the future.” Click here.

Deputy CEO: Innovation and Development at West Coast TVET College, Rhazia Hamza’s presentation on MOT’s Best Practices at TVET Colleges. Click here.

Download programme here – PDF





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