MOT Norway

MOT Norway

MOT Norway has an 17-year track record as a leading non-profit organisation.  MOT Norway gets its funding from the Government and major and minor collaboration partners within the private sector. Another important source of income is the program fee paid by local municaipalities and colleges.


MOT Norway’s office

MOT Norway has grown into an organisation with 25 employees, focusing on programme development and implementation, marketing, advertising and promoting the MOT brand. Currently they have 39 brand ambassadors, and in 2015, MOT is presented to more than 65 000 secondary and and upper secondary students to live according to the MOT values; Courage to live, Courage to care and Courage to say no.

MOT Norway’s Board


Back: Therese Bjoerstad Karlsen, Roger Granheim, Vegar Kulset
Front: Rune Bratseth (Chairperson), Astrid Loedemel, Marit Breivik

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