MOT SA bids farewell!

The MOT South Africa family bids farewell to a steadfast figure in our organisation – Wanda Möller.

Wanda has been the figurehead of MOT SA for the past ten years as its CEO.

In a farewell letter, MOT SA board chairperson Prof Eltie Links, thanks Wanda for her commitment to MOT SA and its achievements.

Click here to download Prof Links’s letter.

As the MOT SA team, we want to thank you Wanda for your dedication to our beloved organisation and for the big shoes you left us to fill.

All the best for the future.

From the MOT SA Office and Executive Board!

At the AGM, hosted on 18 June at College of Cape Town Pinelands campus, Wanda (left) thanks Prof Links (right) for his support and guidance during her ten years as MOT SA  CEO. 

Wanda (left) receives a farewell gift from Prof Links (right) and current director of MOT SA, Julia Duminy (far right). 


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