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From 19 – 21 February 2015, 41 MOT Presenters completed a 3-day MOT training workshop at Encore Conference Centre, Northlink College, Tygerberg Campus. They will be implementing the MOT programmes at the TVET Colleges and 19 High Schools in the Western Cape. One of our aims of the training was to strengthen our partner TVET Colleges and High Schools. An additional organisation joined MOT SA; named the Pebbles Project which will be implementing the MOT Programme at Stellenbosch Farms after school programme. The Presenters learned the core values of MOT and how to help the youth to make conscious choices and to show courage. The training also included MOT class session demonstrations, the theoretical foundations of the MOT programmes, presentation techniques, and the MOT methodology, which includes group discussions, story-telling and role-plays. The workshop produced a YIS (Youthful, Innovative and Sincere) group of presenters to strengthen the MOT SA team.

Some comments from the delegates after the training:

  • “Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the MOT Programme.”
  • “I’m very pleased I came to the training, because I have learnt something new.”
  • “Can’t wait to assume my duties as a MOT Presenter.”
  • “It’s a brilliant approach to cover the gaps especially for youth who does not have a family.”
  • “MOT has been awesome, we need it to expand throughout South Africa & beyond. I would love to be part of it forever.”
  • “The MOT Training was great!!!”

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