MOT SA is expanding to Eastern Cape Province

MOT SA is currently implementing the MOT Programmes at the TVET Colleges and 19 High Schools in the Western Cape. Our very first 25 Presenters from PE College in the Eastern Province attended a 3-day MOT training workshop at The Willows Conference Centre, Port Elizabeth from 26 – 28 February 2015. The Presenters learned the core values of MOT and how to help the youth to make conscious choices and to show courage. The training also included MOT class session demonstrations, the theoretical foundation of the MOT programmes, presentation techniques, and the MOT methodology, which includes group discussions, story-telling and role-plays. The workshop produced a YIS (Youthful, Innovative & Sincere) group of presenters to strengthen the MOT SA team.

Some feedback from the delegates after the training:

  • “I am excited about the MOT Programme.”
  • “Excellent Programme I would recommend it to all Colleges, High schools, even Universities.”
  • “Looking forward to encouraging my students and being their mentor and role model.”
  • “Loved it thanks, this for me is and will be life changing.”
  • “MOT has provided me with the tools I need not only as a presenter but also as a human being.”
  • “I came to the training with my baggage from work. Now I’m leaving very happy and stress free. I will start with myself and apply MOT values in me and view life differently.”
  • “This was a very successful workshop. I am pleased/proud to be part of MOT & I’m looking forward to engage with my students about this programme.”


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