MOT SA Leaders’ Networking Lunch – Together is Better

‘Together is Better’; this was the theme for MOT South Africa’s first event for 2017 which took place on Friday, 13 January 2017. MOT SA hosted the MOT Leaders’ Networking Lunch at Encore Restaurant at Northlink College, Tygerberg Campus. What was on the menu? Delicious food, insightful conversation and transformational action plans for 2017.

The MOT Leaders’ Lunch celebrated all that MOT SA has achieved and the exciting journey that lies ahead. The purpose of the event was to inspire the CEOs, principals and senior management at TVET colleges and high schools to play an active and leadership role in the implementation of the MOT programmes at their institutions. MOT SA aims to reach 15 000 youth this year with the MOT programmes and the MOT leaders are key and instrumental to make this happen.

For starters, our guests enjoyed a variety feast of motivational and inspirational talks, as well as a live performance by MOT Brand Ambassadors, Heavenly Quartez. MOT SA Chairperson, Professor Eltie Links, welcomed guests and thanked them for their time, effort and enthusiasm that they have afforded MOT SA over the years. “You are the new day,” Prof Links spoke about the revitalised fresh start for MOT SA in 2017 and encourage our MOT Leaders to keep the enthusiasm and pass it on to the students.

MOT SA Advocacy and Social Media Manager, Julia Duminy, spoke about the MOT SA Brand Ambassador project and social media plans for 2017. To increase brand awareness, MOT SA will be collaborating with South African public figures and influential personalities. “These public figures are our children’s role models whom they whole-heartedly admire. Using their positive influence will help to reach our young people in a youthful, innovative and sincere manner,” said Duminy.

Brand Ambassadors and public figures that attended: Professional Kungfu Martial Artist and South African Grand-style Tai-Chi Champion, M.J. Li; radio sport presenter and local comedian, Dalin Oliver; radio presenter and MC, Tammy B Awesome and South African singer, Janice.

M.J. Li believes that partnering with MOT South Africa will motivate the youth to be courageous and self-aware. He is an inspiration and role model to the youth of South Africa, proving that self-determination and hard work does payoff: “A true master dwells within, whom only you can choose to liberate.”

Protea Cricket star, JP Duminy, is the latest additional to the MOT Brand Ambassadors, but unfortunately could not attend the event due to the Sri Lanka in South Africa Test Series. JP Duminy has come up with an exciting campaign for MOT SA during the Sri Lanka in South Africa ODI (One Day International) Series. The MOT logo will be displayed on his bat and he will post and tweet about MOT during this series.

Other brand ambassadors and public figures who unfortunately could not attend the MOT Leaders’ Lunch, include:

South African motivational speaker, Robin Banks; radio presenter, Ayanda Dlamini; South African singer and co-winner of SA Idols season 5, Sasha-lee Davids; South African athlete and Paralympic Champion, Hilton Langenhoven; South African singer, songwriter and actor, Danny K and South African actress and media personality Natalie Becker.

MOT SA will be in talks with these courageous individuals in the upcoming weeks to discuss how we can work together to empower, strengthen and positively influence the MOT youth.

Timothy McBride, researcher at the Institute for Post School Studies at the University of the Western Cape, addressed MOT’s impact and the critical factors for students’ success. “A total of 84% of students, in the MOT Programme, said that MOT has positively influenced their decision-making,” said McBride. These statistics speak for themselves; the percentage of students proves that the MOT programme is making a difference and positively impacting the youth.

MOT youth; Siyanda Banzi (Spine Road High School), Amanda Qamngana (College of Cape Town, City Campus), Thato Mangena (Boland College, Strand Campus) and Gary Speelman (False Bay College, Fish Hoek Campus), provided feedback on MOT’s influence on their behaviour, choices and academic performance.

“I found myself breathing but not really living. The MOT programme taught me the importance of making other people happy but not to forget to take care of myself,” said Siyanda Banzi.

“MOT has made me a better and more confident person. I now believe that I am not alone. MOT has changed my life,” said Amanda Qamngana.

“Before MOT, I lacked self-confidence. After MOT, I now excel in everything that I do. The MOT Programme continue to inspire me, I now understand that change begins with me,” said Thato Mangena.

“MOT is a way of life. MOT has inspired me to encourage and motivate other young people. I now have the courage to speak to 60 – 80 students and inspire them to stand up and be leaders, not followers,” said Gary Speelman.

For lunch, MOT SA Organisational Development and Training Manager, Lefate Makunyane, took the guests through the implementation and MOT training plans for 2017. “In 2016, we reached 12 000 students, but we can do more and we can reach more youth with the help of our MOT champions; the CEOs, principals and coordinators at the high schools and colleges,” said Makunyane. How well the MOT programme is implemented and integrated into the school and college timetable, will determine the success of the programme.

Phadiela Cooper (Principal at COSAT High School, Khayelitsha) and Charlene Matthews (Campus Manager at False Bay College, Fish Hoek Campus) provided first-hand accounts of strategies for successful implementation of MOT at high schools and colleges.

“Ensure that you identify the right person, living the MOT core values and principles, to successively run the programme [at your institution],” said Charlene Matthews.

“We have successfully implemented the MOT programme for the past 3 years. We have seen the passion and the positive impact on the youth. Take the time to implement the MOT programme and you will see the difference,” said Phadiela Cooper.

For dessert, we concluded the event with our keynote speaker; Makhosandile Tim Ndzuzo, Director: Institution Management and Governance Planning, Western Cape Education Department.

Ndzuzo addressed the issues of pass rates and the challenges with education in South Africa. He left us with these words: “It is important to understand what the learners need. Let’s learn from them and understand what future they envisage for themselves, and help them to achieve that future.”

MOT SA looks forward to empower and strengthen the youth with the help and influence of the MOT Brand Ambassadors, CEOs, principals, coordinators and the MOT youth.


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