MOT SA Voice of the Cape 6-Week Radio Series

After a successful radio interview in January, Voice of the Cape (91.3 FM) invited MOT SA, and the MOT youth, to do a 6-week radio series covering various topics in the MOT programmes. It’s been an incredible journey with passionate Young MOTivators and dedicated MOT Coaches.

The radio series provided a platform for MOT SA to give hope, motivate and encourage parents, educators, principals and youth, that there is an organisation that has the lives of the youth as its core focus. MOT SA covered the following topics (click on the topic to find out more):

Week 1: Robust Youth – connecting with our world (role of youth in leading change).

Young MOTivators: Gary Speelman & Linamandla Deliwe (False Bay College, Fish Hoek Campus)
MOT Coach: Christine Thomas (False Bay College, Fish Hoek Campus)

Week 2: MOT Core Values: Courage to Live. Courage to Care. Courage to say “NO”.

Young MOTivator: Aurelio Jao’o (College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus)
MOT Coach: Somayah Achmat (College of Cape Town, Gugulethu Campus)

Week 3: Individual Strength, Admiration & Attitude

MOT Coach: Bennet Van Wyk (College of Cape Town, Athlone Campus)

Week 4: Values & Choices (influence of social media, popular youth culture, societal expectations, respect & dignity)

Young MOTivators: Lucia Rangwedi & Eunice Mutombo (College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus)
MOT Brand Ambassador: Janice (SA Singer, Songwriter)

Week 5: Safety & Awareness

Young MOTivators: Vernon Herman & Wayne Fortuin (Northlink College, Parow Campus).
MOT Coach: Matilda Johnson (Northlink College, Parow Campus).

Week 6: Sharing Courage (positive networks), Role Models and Dreams

Young MOTivator: Ntabiseng Naha (College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus).
MOT Coach: Somayah Achmat (College of Cape Town, Gugulethu Campus).

Thank you to all the Young MOTivators, MOT Coaches and our Brand Ambassador, Janice, who took the time to support MOT SA at the radio interviews. You are sincere, passionate and energetic advocates for MOT and the MOT youth. Thank you to Voice of the Cape for providing the platform for MOT’s message to reach a greater audience.

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