MOT SA Refreshed and Inspired

On Thursday, 05 March 2015, 139 delegates attended the MOT Inspirational and Refresher Event held at the Ratanga Junction, Century City, Cape Town. The keynote speakers was Prof. Eltie Links (Chairperson of MOT SA) and award winning actress, radio and television presenter and MOT SA Brand Ambassador, Natalie Becker who inspired the attendees with practical tools for life. Our two MOT Youth, Welcome Jansen and Shaun Titus shared about the impact of MOT on their lives. We had very special guest from MOT Global Management; Atle Vårvik (President and Founder), Geir Nesset (Vice President), Sigrun Vårvik (Logo Policy & Foreign Operations Manager), Morten Laache (Product Manager) who shared with us the mission and impact MOT is making globally. Tim McBride (TVET Institute, University of the Western Cape) presented the researched and impact MOT is making on TVET Colleges.

Some feedback from the 462 youth who completed their evaluation forms:

  • “MOT programme has helped me a lot, it has made me a better person and it also change my life, I really enjoyed this programme. Now it is time for me to focus on the bigger picture and do more for my future, because our future is in our hands.”
  • “The MOT programme opened my mind to understand and be grateful for who I am and set realistic goals for my future. My MOT presenter was teachable and open to learn. She’s my role model because she told us that she started with nothing but by joining MOT she started setting goals and she made sure she pursued them and that is what I am doing.”
  • “The MOT sessions helped me a lot. I am more confident to say no to the wrong things and I tend to care a lot about others. I know my priorities and I gained much more self-esteem. I really enjoyed the sessions and the presenters were very nice and motivating.”
  • “I would like MOT to go to schools and teach the students how to love, accept and be yourself. They need to know about MOT.”
  • “It’s a good programme and it motivates students who need it the most. I think it is a good programme to be held at colleges and schools. “
  • “The MOT programme has helped me gain confidence and accept myself the way I am. The MOT presenter has helped most of us become who we want to be by encouraging us and gave us some advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

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