MOT Workshop with Art & Design Students

A MOT Workshop with Art & Design students was held on Saturday, 23 June 2012 with MOT SA Brand Ambassador, Ayanda Tini.

Some of the feedback from students:

“I write this letter to say thank you for everything you have taught me.  I truly do live my life in that positive light, it really has made my life easier and more joyful.  About three 3 years ago, I was really at a down peek of my life and I was not at college, but coming back to study and meeting you guys has helped me a lot.  I now know how to deal with life’s problems whatever it may be.  I have found peace within my soul and excepted life the way it is and only I can plan my future “It’s all up to me”.  So thank you for giving me the knowledge to stay grounded.  I will never forget what I’ve learn, I promise!  I smile today coz you have showed me a brighter tomorrow, thanks again.”

“All the MOT sessions have been and still are a great benefit to me.  I’ve learned a lot during the programme.  It has made me look at life in a way that I wouldn’t have imagined.  It has motivated me and gave me the Courage to stand up and be positive at certain things.  It has helped me to never give up and that I can feel mentally more stronger and that life is short to stress or be miserable.  I’m proud of myself for giving myself a chance to deal with problems in a responsible way.  MOT has opened my eyes a lot and everything about MOT makes sense for example caring, excepting things that does not really matter besides myself.  So today my goal is to go out in the real world and explore my future plans to become independent and getting a good education.  Helping others possibly where I can and just to give good advice and be there for one another.  So all I can say is God bless all MOT has done and what it’s going to mean to me in the future and that’s to be a success and not to look down on myself.”

“MOT shows me that you can overcome obstacles, I haven’t been happy for a while and the only thing I can do is to believe in myself and God.  People always bring me down, but I will find an alternative way to handle it, thanks to MOT.  I guess some people do go through the same things, but it’s my choice how I deal with it.  I will show people and help others by being caring, because not everyone can walk alone.  I will become a better person even though people did me wrong.  I’ve learnt no matter how hard you fall there is always hope somewhere that will pick you up.”

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