MOT Youth of the Month: Marlyn-Lee Van Diemen

My journey with MOT SA started when I joined False Bay TVET College in June 2014. I signed up for the National Diploma in Educare at Mitchell’s Plain campus; not knowing what I got myself into. The best in me came out during my college life. I never knew I could score such high marks. I never knew I had such great leadership abilities.

It was there that I was introduced to MOT. I will never forget the MOT sessions that were conducted and how it opened my eyes to see and take every opportunity that was presented to me. MOT and its three core values are practiced in my life daily. MOT was the main reason why I joined the Student Representative Council [SRC] at campus. It enhanced my leadership skills. I became part of the student body and served 18 months on that board of which 6 months I served as the Chairperson. Doors opened with regards to meeting young people, who are inspiring the world. The life skills programme has empowered me to do great and change the world. I got the opportunity to go on the MOT training and become a MOT coach/facilitator. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities MOT has granted me. My life has changed for the best. I am currently implementing the MOT programme at a local school called Pelican Park Primary where I’m also doing my work base experience in Educare and at our church, Cape Gateway International. I’m all about helping, educating, empowering, inspiring young people because of the MOT programme.

It’s a life skills programme aiming to uplift the lives of millions of young people. My life with MOT is about communication. Let’s stay in contact. Let’s live our lives for others. Let’s serve. Life with MOT is about getting involved. Getting your hands dirty. Caring for others. Encouraging others to do their part because together is better. Life with MOT has to be a lifestyle of always wanting to do good. It’s the way forward. Slow progress is better than no progress. Don’t stop doing good just because no one has acknowledged you. Keep shining. Fight for what you believe in. You have greatness inside of you. You can do it. Be inspired, be encouraged, be motivated.

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