New MOT presenters trained in South Africa

In January 2009, two training sessions were held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) when 65 new MOT presenters were trained to facilitate the MOT programme at their College campuses. In the course of three days the MOT presenters learned the techniques of developing greater personal insight, getting to know their own values, building a platform for positive relations, how to give positive feedback, developing the courage to live and living a life of quality. These techniques in the form of role-play, group discussions, thought-provoking questions and general reflection on life will be used you teach these vital life and social skills to students in the FET Colleges.



21 MOT Presenters from False Bay College, Northlink College and the College of Cape Town attended the training held from 14 to 16 January 2009 at the CTICC.



A group of 44 MOT Presenters from Boland College, the College of Cape Town, Northlink College and West Coast College participated in the training session held from 20 to 22 January 2009 at the CTICC.

It was inspirational to see the transformation taking place within each group of participants within three days as they got to know each other, focused on the their personal values and the positive aspects of themselves and each other.

The aim for 2009 is to successfully implement the MOT programme in all FET Colleges in the Western Cape. The vision of MOT is to create a warmer and safer environment for youth to grow up in. This could be achieved by empowering the youth to make conscious choices, to strengthen their courage to take care of themselves and others and to focus on establishing strong values, a belief in their own abilities and to make the right choices.

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