Peer Educators from the FET Colleges participate in MOT workshop

On Saturday, 22 August 2009, 42 Peer Educators and Facilitators, from the FET Colleges in the Western Cape, participated in a special 7-hour MOT workshop. The aim of the workshop was to develop the leadership and life skills of students so that they could become role models at their respective college campuses.

During the workshop the students learned the art of getting to know themselves and others around them. The workshop also covered the importance of giving positive feedback and to master the art of mental power. They were encouraged to think critically and creatively of their own values and what it means to be, or to have, a positive role model.

It was inspiring to see how the enthusiasm and active involvement of the participants grew throughout the day and how these 42 young people could be the positive change at their colleges, in their communities and in South Africa.

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Some of the comments received after the workshop included:

  • “I would love to inspire other people like you guys do and MOT is totally motivational.  You guys must keep up the good work.”
  • “After today I got to know myself and I love that.”
  • “It was amazing, so awesome.  I was not confident, but now I’m mentally confident about myself. I enjoyed everything about this workshop.”
  • “The facilitators were excellent.”
  • “This workshop should happen more often.”
  • “The session on role models was spectacular.”
  • “I didn’t take mental power seriously, until now.”
  • “The session on values was brilliant.”
  • “MOT is a great programme.”
  • “I enjoyed myself majorly. Thank you for such an amazing experience!!!  It opened me up to myself and made me understood myself better.”
  • “You showed us how to choose our role models and it was great.”
  • “I understand now the whole concept of role models.”
  • “It was very exciting, fun and fabulous.  Get more involved with our community (Atlantis) because our people really need what you guys have to offer.”
  • “Keep on doing what you are doing – it is a blessing.”

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