Training of New MOT presenters – December 2013

64 New MOT Presenters have just completed the 3-day training workshop. They will be implementing the MOT programmes from 2014 at FET Colleges and High Schools in the Western Cape. Some feedback on the training workshop:

  • “It gave me a lot of ideas & strengthen my communication and presentation skills.”
  • “ The mission of MOT inspire me and I believe if our communities can live by this we will see transformation.”
  • “ I love the MOT programme & training it empower me to be the best that I can be. “
  • “ The MOT training was very helpful for me as a teacher. Will be using these tools in my classroom every day.”
  • “ MOT made me to do introspection on how to face life with courage.”
  • “ MOT programme must be part of the College curriculum because it work.”
  • “ Thank you Sigrun for your honesty & passion with the presentation techniques.”
  • “ I appreciate the passion from all the MOT presenters . The passion for change & belief in the MOT concept.”
  • “ Thank you Wanda it was interesting fun, full of games & empowering.”

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