Voice of the Cape Radio Series: Week 2

Topic: MOT Core Values: Courage to Live. Courage to Care. Courage to say “NO”.

Courage to Live

Courage to live is about being a real, unique person rather than a person who is constantly doing what he/she believes is expected of him/her. It’s about daring to live and seizing the day.

Courage to Care

Courage to care is all about taking care of yourself and also taking care of the people around you. This can be friends, family, classmates, and even the old lady you accidentally meet on the street one day.

Courage to say NO

Courage to say no is about setting limits, making your expectations clear, being open and honest, and taking responsibility for your own life.
This might mean making the unpopular decision but we need to tolerate the fact that not everybody will like you and that’s ok. Stand up for what you believe in.

Thank you to our young MOTivator, Aurelio Pedro (College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus) and MOT Coach, Somayah Achmat (College of Cape Town, Gugulethu Campus). You are great advocates for MOT and the MOT youth. Thank you to Voice of the Cape and our host Ayesha Laatoe for providing the platform for MOT’s message to reach a greater audience.

Tune in to Voice of the Cape (91.3 FM) next week Tuesday, 28 February, when we will discuss; individual strength, admiration and attitude.


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