Voice of the Cape Radio Series – Week 3

Topic: Individual Strength, Admiration & Attitude

This week’s edition of the MOT Voice of the Cape Radio Series, we focused on individual strength, positive thoughts and having a positive attitude.

We gave practical examples of the MOT session activities and thought-provoking questions that lead the youth to think about their actions and how their actions influence others. The MOT programmes are designed to show that respect is a two-way street and in order to receive it from your peers and educators, you need to give it too.

Thank you to our MOT Coach, Bennet Van Wyk (College of Cape Town, Athlone Campus). You are a great advocate for MOT and the MOT youth. Thank you to Voice of the Cape and our host, Ayesha Laatoe, for providing the platform for MOT’s message to reach a greater audience.

Listen to the interview here.

Tune in to Voice of the Cape (91.3 FM) next week Tuesday, 7 March 2017, when we will discuss; Values & Choices (influence of social media/popular youth culture/societal expectations, respect & dignity).

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