Voice of the Cape Radio Series – Week 5

Topic: Safety & Awareness

This week’s edition of the MOT Voice of the Cape Radio Series, we focused on safety & awareness.

Safety & Awareness is a new topic in the MOT programme for robust youth 12 -16.

During the MOT sessions, the MOT coach (educators/lecturers) will take the youth through various tasks, activities, story-telling and role play exercises as well as ask thought-proving questions.

This session addresses:

  • internet safety,
  • friendship circles;
  • courage to say “NO”;
  • including others;
  • being a good role mode;
  • setting boundaries;
  • being aware of the role you play in society;
  • accepting responsibility;
  • and awareness of the influence you have on others.

Thank you to our MOT Coach, Matilda Johnson, and our young MOTivators, Vernon Herman & Wayne Fortuin (Northlink College, Parow Campus). You are sincere, passionate and energetic advocates for MOT SA and the MOT youth. Thank you to Voice of the Cape and our host Ayesha Laatoe, for providing the platform for MOT’s message to reach a greater audience.

Listen to the radio interview sound clip here.

Tune in to Voice of the Cape (91.3 FM) next week Tuesday, 21 March 2017, for our final interview of the series, when we will discuss; Sharing Courage (Positive Networks), Role Models & Dreams. 

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