Voice of the Cape Radio Series – Week 6

Topic: Sharing courage (positive networks), role models and dreams

This week’s edition of the MOT Voice of the Cape Radio Series, we focused on sharing courage, positive role models and focusing on your goals and dreams.

During the MOT sessions, the MOT coach (educators/lecturers) will take the youth through various tasks, activities, story-telling and role play exercises as well as ask thought-proving questions.

What does “sharing courage” mean?

Courage means daring to do what we are afraid of. If you show courage, you are not afraid to to be the first person to speak up about something you believe in. If you share courage, you set an example for others to follow. You strengthen the courage in others.

Positive role models strengthen our safety, energy and share courage. Good role models can be family members, friends, athletes or celebrities – people you’ve never met but they build strength and hope within you.

Dreams and goals are what make our youth robust – strong and focused. When we engage with our dreams and goals, we become stronger, resilient and find it easier to say no.

Recipe for achieving your dreams:

  • Visualise the dream
  • “If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney
  • Surround yourself with positive networks – people who believe in you.
  • Do it! Make it happen!

Thank you to our MOT Coach, Somayah Achmat (College of Cape Town, Gugulethu Cmapus), and our young MOTivator, Ntabiseng Naha (College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus). You are great advocates for MOT SA and the MOT youth. Thank you to Voice of the Cape, for providing the platform for MOT’s message to reach a greater audience.

When our youth have strong networks, positive role model and clear dreams, it’s then easier for him or her to stop caring about what others think or how many likes and comments they receive on social media. Let’s work together to empower and strengthen our youth as the beautiful individuals that they are. Let’s give them the tools to care about what really matters.

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