Voice of the Cape Radio Series

Great way to start off our Voice of the Cape 6-week radio series!

Week 1: Robust Youth – Connecting with our World (role of youth in leading change).

What is “robust youth”?
Robust youth defines youth who are strong, confident, self-assured and determined to bring about change in their own lives and their surrounding communities. Robust youth knows that they are not living in isolation and that they are able to positively impact other young people and make a difference in their society. He/she is an empowered and independent young person, who decides their own path and is responsible for his/her own actions and decisions.

Through the MOT educational life-skills programme, youth are equipped with the leadership and life skills which they then take back into their homes and communities.

Thank you to our young MOTivators and robust youth, Gary Speelman, Linamandla Deliwe and MOT Coach, Christine Thomas from False Bay College, Fish Hoek Campus. You are great advocates for MOT and the MOT youth. Thank you to Voice of the Cape and our host Ayesha Laatoe for providing the platform for MOT’s message to reach a greater audience.

Listen to the interview here.

Tune in next week when we will discuss the MOT core values; Courage to Live, Courage to Care and Courage to say “NO”.

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