Young MOTivators’ Inspiration Event

2016 is the year of the youth. Young people in South Africa have stood up and proven that they have a powerful voice that will be heard. MOT South Africa has identified a need in our community; to strengthen and empower our young leaders of tomorrow by providing them with the tools and courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no.

Earlier in the year, the students attended 3-day training camps where they were equipped with leadership and presentation skills in order to become youth leaders and MOT peer educators at their respective schools and colleges.

This year has seen 130 second year MOT students become Young MOTivators. The 130 students include; 85 Grade 9 learners from 9 local High Schools between (14 – 16 years old) and 45 students (18 – 24 years old) from TVET Colleges in the Western Cape.
To strengthen their training, courage and enthusiasm for their role as active citizens in society, on Friday, 14 October 2016, MOT SA hosted the Young MOTivators Inspiration Event at Northlink College, Tygerberg Campus.

Courage and inspiration was indeed the theme of the afternoon. Guest speaker Sid Peimer, Executive Director at the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, started the event off with a bang providing straightforward and fundamental business tips.

“Brands, like people, have values. Take McDonalds for example, its values are very simple: Quality, Service, Value and Cleanliness (QSVC). They know who they are and they stick with that formula because it works for their brand. You are also going into the world as a brand and you will need to decide what your values are,” said Sid.

Sid provided the young MOTivators present with basic insights into the business world, specifically, how to build your brand using brand equity, brand positioning, strategy and how to pitch to potential clients:

“You persuade people not by being in the library of the mind, but by being in the theatre of the heart. You need to understand that clients will make the final decision based on how they feel about your product,” said Sid.

After Sid Peimers words of wisdom and motivation, the students presented their community projects and their facilitation of the MOT life-skills programmes with their peers.

The young MOTivators demonstrated courage, perseverance, generosity, kindness and humility, by implementing feeding schemes at their colleges, pampering the elderly at old age homes, community street clean ups and so much more. To quote a high school MOT peer educator; “Without MOT, we’d be nothing.” It is clear to see the impact that the MOT programme has had on the students and how much it has enriched their lives and in turn the lives of those they have come into contact with.

A student, a mother and a MOTivational leader; Sipholsihle Kondile (21) from West Coast College (Citrusdal Campus), has been a MOT leader for nearly a year:

“It has been a wonderful experience. I’ve gone out and spread the word about MOT and showed courage. Today, at the MOT inspirational event, I had to present how I implemented the MOT principals from my college into my community. I went to an old age home and pampered the elderly who have been neglected by their families. I took this opportunity to tell everyone at the home about MOT and how the organisation is teaching the youth how to survive and how to make smart life decisions with all the challenges young people have to face in today’s society. To go out there and make a difference in someone’s life made my heart bleed with lots of love.”

Sipholishle was raised by her grandmother. At the age of 17, her grandmother had a stroke and became bedridden. Sipholishle, pregnant at the time and also in Matric, showed her courage and strength by taking care of her grandmother and the household. MOT SA means the world to her:

“To be a MOTivational leader means I can teach others that you can make a difference in your home and go out into the world and continue to make a difference in the lives of others. MOT has made me an enthusiastic and knowledgeable human being,” said Sipholishle.

Bennett Van Wyk, a Lecturer at the College of Cape Town (Wynberg Campus), has been involved with MOT SA since 2014 when he was trained to be a MOTivator. Bennett implemented the training in the various colleges by lecturing at the MOT sessions:

“The impact that it has on the kids is lasting. One of my students from last year came back to me and reflected on the values that were instilled in him. The kids actually want to come back and apply what they have learnt at the MOT sessions. The 5 students who attended the Franschhoek MOT camp this year, were eager to implement their learnings back at their campus; to see the needs amongst your peers and teach them the values they have learnt. Changing the world one person at a time, this is the legacy our kids want to leave behind,” said Bennett.

At MOT SA, we encourage the youth to step out of their comfort zone and show courage. To witness these young minds challenging themselves to be greater, do better and give back, motivates us to keep going, keep growing and keep believing. The youth are our future and the future lies in the hands of our youth. They are our tomorrow.

We look forward a bigger and better 2017, filled with hope, courage and change. In the words of MOT SA CEO, Wanda Möller, “The journey doesn’t end here. You’ve learnt your power. Grow your power!”

Colleges involved:

College of Cape Town
Boland College
Northlink College
West Coast College (Vrendendal Campus)
West Coast College (Citrusdal Campus)
False Bay College

High Schools involved:

Hout Bay High School
Spine Road High School
South Peninsula High School
Buren High School
COSAT (Centre of Science and Technology)

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