Youth Day Commemoration 2012

Youth Day, 16 June 2012: To commemorate Youth Day, MOT held a workshop with Guguletu students. MOT SA Brand Ambassador, Natalie Becker was the guest speaker.

Some of the feedback from students:

“I have done an upholstery course and unfortunately I did not achieve my goal.  My future plan is to go work for a couple of years, save money so that I can go back and finish my skill.  By coming to MOT sessions, I see that I can reach each and every goal I set and make the good out of it.  I just wish we could do it every week maybe my mind would be out of the streets of Guguletu.”

“I am a 20 year old man. I feel like I am very grateful to be a part of your programme.  From the past couple of years I didn’t know where I was going, I was taking things lightly, but now that I attend your sessions I know how to set up my goals, I have a dream to follow, I am more confident about myself. I can now encourage other people to follow their dreams. I am motivated, I am more responsible for myself, I care about people, I can motivate and encourage people.”


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