About MOT

MOT strengthens youth's robustness, mastery of life, mental health, awareness and courage. MOT promotes safe class environments where all are included.

MOT prevents exclusion, bullying, violence, alcohol and drug abuse, crime and mental problems.

This is done by the MOT Concept consisting of simple life-values and tailor-made MOT programmes that are being used by schools and municipalities.

The initiative to start MOT was taken in 1994 by the Olympic speed skaters Atle Vårvik and Johann Olav Koss.

Their motivation was to prevent social problems by implementing values and attitudes that would make youth better at taking care of each other and better at making conscious choices. They wanted to increase youth's quality of life, self-esteem and courage and by that making it easier for them to make their own choices, stand up for their own values and take care of the ones who are left out and different. They wanted to use top-level athletics as a tool to strengthen a safe and inclusive society and environments. That was the beginning of the MOT Concept. Today MOT's life skills concept is being used by schools, TVET Colleges and Community Organisations and municipalities on four continents.

The MOT Concept

MOT's life skills concept consists of three simple life values that reach the youth's hearts, five tailor made programmes for schools and communities and enthusiastic MOT coaches who reach the youth.

Since 1994, MOT has been developing a concept that prevents destroyed lives, crime and social problems in society.

What makes MOT unique is that youth use MOT in their own way. MOT's experience is that youth enjoy being self-builders if they are given the opportunity, guidance and tools.


Warmer and safer society

MOT works proactively to avoid problems from happening. MOT builds young people to make it easier for them to deal with the problems when they happen. MOT has a positive approach focusing on the solution rather than the problem.

The core of the MOT Concept is the MOT Programmes. The MOT sessions in the classroom are recognized by a magical atmosphere with closeness, energy and involvement of ALL – without finger-pointing and condemnation. MOT takes youth seriously and gives positive experiences. The communication comes across and the youth themselves are in the centre and participating. A connection is created between MOT's values and youth's hearts.


Courage to live

Courage to say no

Courage to care

MOT uses activities, exercises, stories, figurative illustrations and definite tools when communicating. The MOT sessions consist of both reflection and action. The MOT sessions strengthen youths' inspiration and safety to become better culture-builders and self-builders.

Since 1994, MOT has consistently reinforced a unique, inspirational and different way of working preventively.

MOT inspires rather than coerce to change in behaviour. MOT is a brand to which youth have great ownership, and a brand founded on values, experience, trust, responsible role models and courage. MOT is a brand – with ONE concept, THREE values and FIVE programmes.


Develop robust youth, who include all


Evaluations show that MOT prevents and protects against the most negative outcomes of the youth time. There is less bullying, fewer youth without one single friend, less mental problems and alcohol and drug abuse in MOT schools.

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