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MOT seeks to strengthen our communities by building resilience and a robust spirit in the beautiful youth of South Africa. The MOT concept is first and foremost developed to prevent lives from being destroyed and to call out societal problems like bullying, gender-based violence, exclusion, mental health challenges and drug or alcohol abuse.

We are appealing to our communities to make a contribution to the work MOT SA does and to match the donor and grant funding we receive.

We would like to ask that individuals from the community make a nominal contribution to MOT SA as a debit order. If MOT SA were to receive a minimum of R140 for a period of 12 months, this will contribute towards 1 MOT Youth receiving life skills and holistic development training in the MOT programme.

Another option is to make a once-off payment as a donation.

You can also donate to MOT South Africa by using the SnapCode below, or by filling out the form below the SnapCode.

Any and all donations counts!

Thanks in advance for your contribution

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