Employees and the Board

MOT South Africa is a non-profit and both religiously and politically independent foundation. The organisation is the fundament for the realization of MOT in South Africa. MOT South Africa’s most important responsibility is funding, growth and accomplishment and implementation of the MOT Concept in schools and municipalities.

MOT South Africa is an independent organisation with partnership agreement with MOT Foundation.

Employees and the Board

The employees and the Board are responsible for MOT in South Africa. They are Passionate, Youthful, Innovative and Sincere. They like working in the balance between freedom and a clear concept frame. Their most important responsibility is to ensure excellent implementation and reputation, growth and funding.


The initiators

The initiators started MOT and MOT’s work. The beginning of the work is the most important step to achieve future success. The start, the entry and the introductary phase are reflected in the later phases. A solid starting point makes the foundation that ensures MOT growing right, safe and steady.