MOT Youth Blogger of the Month: Gloria Bocheletsana Nkgetheleng

Through her poem, Gloria speaks about the pain she felt and even though her pain was visible to others, no one supported her. She shares that she felt alone until she joined an NGO called Lovelife where she learned to speak out.

Gloria started her journey with MOT in 2018, when she joined False Bay TVET College, Khayelitsha Campus where she learned how to face her challenges and become stronger.

In aid of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), we would like to urge you to be aware of our youth.

We believe that we need to see the whole person and to understand that we all have different backgrounds.

We need to include all. When we see someone who needs help or hurt, or being left out, we need to help where we can and include them.

Be curious rather than judgemental.

As the African proverb that says “it takes a village to raise a child”, it also falls part of our responsibility as the community to help our youth grow up in a warm and safe environment.

Watch Gloria recite her poem: “Where are the people?” and view the words below:

“Where are the people?”

I’ve stood outside for a long period of time, for the long hours, past the minutes, the seconds but I saw no one.

My eyes could tell everyone that I was really in pain.

I cried so loud, I pressed myself against the wall I was trying to reach out to people about how felt about the situation I was in but no one paid attention.


I screamed so loud, I cried my lungs out, I cried out, please help me! Please help me! But where are the people?

Outside looks so strange, the birds were singing in a certain way.

I saw cars moving up and down,

I saw trees singing the songs of praises,

but I asked myself, “where are the people?”

I look at myself in the mirror, I saw lots of scars,

I would say some scars heal but some will never heal.

I saw dogs bucking in a strange way, but my question, is where is everyone?

I took a walk hoping to see people to tell them how I feel but unfortunately, the world is so empty WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE?

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