MOT Introductions to Parents (in partnership with Wynberg Rotary)

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On 16, 17 February and 3 March, we hosted 3 MOT Introductions to Parents and Guardians. The information session about MOT aimed to inspire parents through the MOT Sessions that are being conducted with their kids at our partnering schools within Grassy Park (Fairmount, Lotus and Zeekoevlei Secondary Schools), as part of our Courage to Care project with Wynberg Rotary. 

MOT Introduction to Parents at Fairmount Secondary School

We had over 200 parents attending the evenings and we are extremely happy about the great turnout!

Our Courage to Care Project with Wynberg Rotary was initiated to educate the teachers within the Grassy Park area to uplift the youth in their classrooms and in the community to make better choices and create a warmer and safer place for all.

MOT Introduction to Parents at Lotus Secondary School

MOT Coach, Cheslyn Rippenaar shared a few of his magical MOT moments and his reason for being involved with MOT, and how it helped him to have background understanding when dealing with youth in the classroom. Read more about his experience here

Feedback from Parents in attendance

We have received really great feedback from the parents. Read them below:

‘It is very important for parents to be a part of their children’s lives, especially due to issues our kids go through and the pressures of family life. It is important for them to have a structure and foundation they can look back to, such as the MOT Programmes.’

– Parent from Fairmount Secondary School

‘According to what was mentioned this evening, I feel that the MOT Programme will have a great impact on my child. It will give her the strength and tools she would need to conquer many of the social issues that our youth today face such as peer pressure, bullying, academic pressure, self-esteem issues and more. I look forward to the positive change it will bring her.’

– Parent from Fairmount Secondary School

I like that the MOT Programmes include social dialogue . Children want to belong. Programme is very encouraging and gives hope. It

– Parent from Fairmount Secondary School

We are extremely ecstatic about the journey with MOT and our youth ahead. I believe they will really benefit from the MOT Programmes as it gives us a sense of hope and courage

– Principal of Lotus Secondary School

I am very excited about the MOT Programme, especially knowing what it is like growing up with similar challenges such as: growing up in a township, facing gansterism in our communities, having to make difficult choices at a young age.
And now being in a position where I can give care and seeing those gaps that I’ve missed out in my younger years, even I can benefit from this programme just by participating and being a MOT Coach.

– Teacher at Lotus Secondary School

We look forward to working together with parents and educators in building our society one at a time!

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