MOT Value-Based Corporate Training Programme

Meridian Pinehurst MOT Corporate Training

The MOT Value-Based Corporate Training Programme is hosted in person. It consists of 7 MOT Sessions, which will be run over a course of 5-7 weeks with a duration of 2 hours per session.

The purpose of the MOT project as a whole

The MOT life-skills training programmes assist with managing peer pressure, self-belief and taking responsibility for your own life and future. MOT focuses strongly on developing self-confidence, sound values, positive attitude and behaviour, self-leadership and respect and cares for others.

Through interactive and experiential learning, employees actively participate in their personal and interpersonal growth and development. The MOT sessions, based on highly regarded behavioural theories, draw on methodologies of interactive group discussions, games, role-plays, experiential stories and self-reflection to enhance the learning outcomes and behavioural change.

life skills training for corporates

MOT implementation

MOT SA trains staff from institutions and organisations to empower their employees with soft skills using the MOT life-skills programme. It is not a once-off programme, but value-based life-long learning.

The MOT life-skills programme offers tools for collaboration, creativity in problem-solving, and a platform for courageous conversations whilst showing respect to different parties and resolving conflict in ways that bring about healing and harmony.

The philosophy underpinning our programme is comprised of our 3 values: Courage to Live, Courage to
, Courage to say NO.

The 3 MOT values support respect, support courage, and the spirit of ubuntu and allow for conflict to be dealt with positively.

life skills for corporates
MOT for Corporates

The course can assist individuals and teams in developing a range of skills that can improve their effectiveness in the workplace.

These skills include effective communication, leadership, problem-solving, time management, and stress management.

By participating in the MOT sessions, individuals and teams can learn how to work more efficiently and effectively, build stronger relationships with colleagues, and become more resilient in the face of challenges.

Additionally, the sessions can help individuals and teams to develop a positive mindset as well as an overall sense of well-being. This can lead to improved performance and greater success in their personal and professional lives.

  • Employees who are more focused and committed to improving their performance
  • Employees who are self-aware, active citizens and role models
  • Employees who feel included and actively contribute to the team
  • Managers who contribute to the holistic development of their staff
  • Employees who make conscious choices and take responsibility for their own lives and
  • future
  • A company culture of respect, accountability, and inclusivity
Corporate Course outline

It consists of 5 sessions under the themes:

  1. MOT Values: This involves, introducing the MOT values and participants getting to know themselves and each other better
  2. Leadership (Sessions 2 and 3): This involves introducing participants to the basics of leadership, participants recounting their personal experience with self-leadership, defining their values, vision and goals, understanding their life priorities and how to balance them and time management skills.
  3. Communication: Highlighting the importance of effective communication and communication within a professional setting.
  4. Team Culture: To understand how teamwork makes the Dream Work
  5. Workplace Behaviour: This focuses on Workplace Etiquette, Influence, Goal Setting, Effective Communication, Planning and Monitoring, Creativity and Innovation, Information Seeking and Confidence Problem
  6. Reflections & Graduation: Participants reflect on the sessions and a Graduation to acknowledge the work that participants have done and presented.

For more information on how to receive this training at your workplace, contact MOT SA Country Director, Viola Manuel at or read more here

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