Poem prepared by Kino Moni and Bilqees Miller


Explore this captivating poem prepared by the talented MOT Youth from Gardens Commercial High School, skillfully crafted by Kino Moni and Bilqees Miller.

The Courage to Care

First day of school, early in the morn’
Sitting together in the school hall
Along came a teacher, but oh we were wrong
This joyous soul came in with a song

Our whole world flipped upside down
With new values and courage all around
There we were at our first program last year
A program that showed us courage and cheer

Being courageous does not mean
You always have to fight
Sometimes it means knowing when to surrender
And doing what feels right
Apply courage in your life to stand tall and free
Acknowledging your strength and will not have to flee

No more hanging on a cliff
I know I have the courage to live
Courage cannot be easily perceived
A heroic moment cannot be received

Be caring and kind to those in need
Standing up for the good is the best deed
Giving, not getting, for better or worst
Your selflessness to others is more than it is worth

Be brave enough to show you care
For there are those who are scared to dare
Some are happy, but others are not
You can change that with your big heart

Lost and weak souls, all alone
Nothing to eat, no place to call home
Shivering at night, no warmth to hold
What you can do for them, is gold

Will you help or laugh, it’s your reaction
The choice is yours, so make a decision
Change a life, better someone’s day
Make a difference, and lead the way
Stand up for what’s right, learn to share

Then show the world, that you have the