Expanding Horizons: MOT SA’s New Partnership with TVET Colleges


MOT SA proudly announces its exciting new partnership with Port Elizabeth TVET College, STADIO Higher Education, and Umfolozi College, marking a significant stride in our mission to impact youth across South Africa.

This follows a call from DG Murray Trust (DGMT) to broaden MOT SA’s horizons and extend the MOT Programme beyond its current reach in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. MOT SA has met up with the TVET Colleges to identify potential MOT Coaches and Coordinators, aiming to empower young individuals in Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg through its unique approach.

MOT’s philosophy is not dictating choices to youth; it’s about providing them with the necessary tools and resources to create their own paths. MOT nurtures their resilience, awareness, and courage – the Courage to Live, the Courage to Care and the Courage to Say No. It’s about empowering the young generation to take ownership of their lives, driving a mental shift led by themselves, supported by MOT Coaches and Coordinators. By instilling these values in the youth, MOT SA aims to create a warmer and society for all.

During our visits, the MOT team engaged with college management and prospective MOT Coaches, laying the groundwork for this new project.

The essence of MOT lies in fostering a mindset that encourages personal responsibility and resilience.

The expansion plan resonates with MOT’s core values, a commitment to painting South Africa red – not just symbolically but by making a tangible impact on communities across South Africa. This signifies a beacon of hope, promising a brighter future for the youth from diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

The enthusiasm is palpable within MOT SA as we express gratitude for this remarkable opportunity to DGMT. Our anticipation is evident as we eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, ready to create a profound and lasting impact on the lives of our youth in the new provinces and in the current provinces that MOT is currently in.

As MOT SA embraces this new chapter, we look forward to partnering with these TVET Colleges, driving change, and inspiring a generation to believe in their potential and capabilities. Thank you DGMT for making this possible!

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