Granya-Leigh Sebo

Training and Activities Coordinator

Granya-Leigh Sebo, who joined the MOT team in July 2023 as the Training and Activities Coordinator, brings a wealth of passion and dedication to her role. She holds an NQF LEVEL 5 qualification in Early Childhood Development, which she achieved at NorthLink College in Goodwood in 2020.

Her unwavering commitment to working with children has been the driving force behind her career. During her time at an educare center, Granya-Leigh found immense fulfillment in witnessing children grow and develop holistically.

Granya-Leigh's aspirations reach far beyond her current position; she harbours a dream of becoming a potent advocate for youth. With over seven years of experience working with children, including two years in community service, she has discovered her true calling in helping, encouraging, motivating, and uplifting young individuals. In a world where today's youth face numerous challenges, Granya-Leigh is resolutely committed to reshaping mindsets and helping them perceive life from a different vantage point.

Looking ahead, Granya-Leigh plans to elevate her expertise by pursuing a degree in social work or child and youth care work, solidifying her dedication to empowering and inspiring the youth she serves.

Granya Leigh Sebo