Municipality as a Society Builder

Exclusion can have massive consequences for local communities and for the world. MOT wants to make the leaders of these communities and their citizens aware of their responsibility and obligation to build a good culture.

Objective: Collective responsibility to develop robust local communities and relations.

The background for the programme is to be a support for municipalities that want:

  • The MOT philosophy as leadership philosophy
  • MOT as a platform for creating awareness and values
  • MOT as tool to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration
  • MOT as a system to help in the municipality’s proactive work
  • MOT as a tool that can help reach the municipality’s stated goals regarding children and health:
    • Strengthen public health, self-efficacy and citizenship
    • Develop inclusive communities that promote health, wellbeing and learning for everyone
    • Ensure that all citizens can preserve/develop their identity in an inclusive and diverse community
    • Stimulate belief in their own abilities and motivation for learning
    • Preserve a safe local community that prevents bullying, violence, discrimination and harassment

Prerequisite before start-up of Municipality as Society Builder:

  • MOT's programme Robust Youth 12–16
  • MOT's programme School as a Society Builder
  • MOT's programme Primary School and Kindergarten as Society Builders
  • The municipality will actively contribute to including the Robust Youth 16-25 programme in upper secondary school
  • MOT is rooted in the municipalities plans and is used as a platform of awareness in the value-based work

Frame structure

  1. The municipality puts MOT as a leader philosophy into practice
  2. The municipal management will actively contribute to spreading the MOT philosophy and strengthen robustness in the local community
  3. Youthful local MOT manager
  4. Two young MOT leaders are educated every year