MOT strengthens youth's robustness and mastery of life

MOT (meaning courage) is a comprehensive, global life skills programme aimed at strengthening youth’s awareness and courage to live, courage to care, and courage to say no.

MOT strengthens youth's robustness, mastery of life, mental health, awareness and courage. MOT promotes safe class environments where all are included.

Partnering with educational institutions and communities, we empower educators, social, and youth workers to become MOT coaches, delivering this programme over a maximum of 3 years.




49 MOT-schools
9.350 Youth

The MOT programmes

Among the factors that make MOT unique are the five programmes in schools and local communities, with a 50-50 focus on the individual and on the group. The programmes strengthen the individual's robustness and awareness and promote robust and constructive relationships - safe class environments, inclusive school cultures and sustainable local communities.

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The MOT ambassadors

The MOT ambassadors are high profiled role models within sports and cultural life. By being involved in MOT and proudly wearing the MOT logo, they are contributors to strengthening youth's quality of life. MOT's ambassadors reinforce MOT as a brand.

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MOT locally

Local MOT coaches, who are excellent at reaching the youth are crucial for MOT to have success. A MOT school is a secondary or upper secondary school that has entered into partnership with MOT. MOT also enters into partnership with municipalities. Click below to see all the schools in MOT South Africa that have MOT.

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Meet our newest MOT Brand Ambassador, Andile Nebulane!

Andile Nebulane has just joined the family and we are incredibly excited to have him on board! He openly reflects MOT’s core values and philosophy, and who will help MOT SA reach and positively influence our youth! From his outstanding performances in popular TV series like Generations – The Legacy to his versatile skills in […]

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